How To Reset Printers - HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung Printers


Ever faced problems with resetting your printer? Well, here we provide you invaluable tips to help you troubleshoot your HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother or Samsung Printers in easy steps.

Resetting an HP laser printer

There is a technique known as cold resetting. It basically will set all your HP printer settings to the factory default levels. It is important to note that any settings made at the control panel of your printer are going to be reset. Hence, in case you happen to have a JetDirect card then even the IP address will be reset to the factory defaults. You can try to reset NVRAM. To do this, switch off your HP printer and then hold down the 'Go' key for around 20 seconds while switching the printer back on again.

- HP 1200 and 1100 models resetting: To do this, simply change the data by going into the service mode. This is applicable if your HP printer has a display panel. Otherwise you need to hold down the 'Go' button for around 5 seconds while the printer is switched on.

- HP 2100 printer resetting: You need to press the 'job cancel' key after switching off the printer. Then switch the printer on and only then release the key called 'job cancel.'

- HP 2200 printer resetting: Switch off your printer and then hold down the 'Go' key. Switch back the printer on while holding the 'Go' button till the light comes on. Then release the button.

- HP 6P and 5P models resetting: Switch off your printer and then press the 'reset' button and within 20 seconds switch on the printer back again.

Resetting a Dell printer

You can reset your Dell printer fairly easily by simply double-clicking on the 'Reset Dell Printer' icon. You can reach this icon by clicking on the folder 'UAN', then clicking on 'System Utilities' and you should find the icon. However, one word of caution - this method will function only if the USB cable has been directly connected from the PC to the printer.

Resetting a Lexmark printer

You will firstly need to switch off your printer. Then simultaneously press the RETURN and READY keys while switching the printer on. This will take you to the Diagnostics Mode. The display unit will show the message 'Performing self test'. Choose 'Maintenance count'. Reset the count to make it zero. Then select the RETURN key and go back Diagnostics Mode. Then you can reset the printer to go back to the normal mode.

Resetting Brother Printer

You need to keep pressing the DOWN or UP keys a couple of times till you see 'Maintenance 99' displayed on the display. Then hold down the 'Set' button to go to standby mode. Please note that if you press the exit key only after typing in a single digit then the machine goes to maintenance mode in initial stages.

Resetting Samsung printer

You need to press the following keys in quick succession - MENU # 1 9 3 4. Then you should see a message on your display saying 'TECH.' Then again select the MENU key followed by ENTER. The display will now show 'TECH MODE.' Then select the '


How to Find Your Printer Model


Printer modelLooking for your printer model number is not all that difficult. What is considered a model number, however, may be just a bit more confusing. Fortunately, if you are trying to communicate with the printer manufacturer you will likely only need the model name and series of your hp, Cannon, Epson or Brother printer.

Where to look

Ever heard of the saying; if it were any closer it would have bitten you? Well, this holds true for finding a printer model or series number. Given the way that most computer engineers think you might believe that taking the printer apart is necessary to find the printer model or printer series. This is not true. In most cases, the model name and series number the customer service representative will need is actually right there on the front of the printer. After all, if it is easy for you to find it will be easier for them to help you troubleshoot the printer when you are in crisis mode.
Finding the serial number

When it comes to finding the serial number of your HP, Cannon, Epson or Brother printer you will need to look a bit closer. On the back of most of these printers you will see a white rectangular sticker. In all likelihood it will have the printer company logo shown in a big way. The "UL" logo for Underwriters Laboratories will also be found on the sticker. What you are looking for, however, is the always present barcode symbols that everything has on them these days. Numbers will be above the barcodes. There will likely be two barcodes here. One is a product code, which you really do not care about, and the other is the serial number which identifies that particular printer. If, by chance there is no sticker on the back of the printer check under the lid or open the printer up and it should be there. In any case, these stickers are usually about 3x5 inches in size and have all sorts of other inconsequential symbols on them that you really don't care or need to know about.

One last place to look

If you have looked all around the printer for; the printer model, serial number sticker and/or series and make of the printer with no luck try going to the printer test page option on the computer. Print out a test page and everything will usually be there. All this may sound like it is involved but it really will only take seconds.